In 2013 we established our new woodland in Lancashire on the edge of the Trough of Bowland area of outstanding natural beauty. We planted a small native mix of species in our woodland, which currently comprises 3000 established trees. Our native species include oak, silver birch, hazel, sycamore, cherry, hawthorn, pine, and rowan.

Our vision is to create a unique new woodland where the native trees that are planted will provide an uplifting, tranquil setting for loved ones to be laid to rest. Our trees will allow people to commemorate their loved ones and honour their memory in a celebration of life in an eco-friendly way that will also provide a haven for local wildlife for generations to come.

We aim to value and promote the environmental and social benefits that the woodland will bring for current and future generations by helping to offset the carbon footprint caused by people in their everyday lives and death.

By planting trees, you will also be helping to protect the environment, nature, and wildlife! Not only will you be offsetting carbon emissions created by a funeral or cremation, but you will be contributing to environmental resilience and increasing biodiversity. Planting trees helps us establish a new wildlife haven, providing a wildlife-rich habitat and food sources for our native hedgehogs, hares, birds, insects, butterflies, and bees. Helping us establish a woodland means that we can help safeguard our precious ecological heritage for future generations.

Planting trees also has substantial social and well-being benefits which go beyond just enjoying their natural beauty. If you take a walk in the woods, you will soon begin to feel the calming effect of being near trees and getting close to nature. The serenity that we feel from a woodland can help to reduce stress and fatigue significantly. Being out in nature and forests has been shown to help speed up the recovery time from surgery and illness.