Tree Planting


Planning to Celebrate a loved one’s life and leaving a living legacy:

Here at Legacy woodlands, we take a sympathetic personalised approach to scattering or interring cremated remains and the provision of memorial trees. We understand that each of us is unique, which should be reflected in death as it is in life.

Our memorial woodland is open to people of all beliefs and denominations.


We are here to help you create an individual living memorial and a lasting legacy, whether you are planning for the future, making an end of life plan or looking for a meaningful reflection and celebration of a loved one's life.


  1. Contact us, and we will guide you through the process. We are here to listen, understand your wishes and help you achieve a fitting reflection and celebration, discussing the options with you to help you choose the Memorial or Burial Plot that suits your needs best.

  2. ​If you would like further help, we will schedule a free consultation and, where appropriate, arrange a visit to the woodland.

  3. Once you have decided that you would like to be interred or buried in our beautiful woodland, we will send you all the relevant information regarding our Terms and Conditions and our Woodland Regulations.

  4. Once your memorial or burial plot has been agreed upon; we will issue you an Application Form that allows us to gather the information that we need to register and reserve your plot.

  5. We will then issue you an invoice reflecting your choice of payment. Our standard payment terms are:

    1. 50% Deposit - we will give you a Certificate of Reservation once we receive your deposit payment. This will act as proof of your reservation. The remainder is due before we issue a Deed of Exclusive Right of Burial or Interment, allowing you or your chosen beneficiary to be interred in your plot.

    2. Full Payment - some choose to pay for their plot entirely in advance, giving them the peace of mind that all their affairs are settled. In this case, once we receive your full payment, we will issue you with the complete Deed of Exclusive Right of Burial or Interment, allowing you or your chosen beneficiary to be interred in your plot.

  6. Once your invoice has been paid; we will plant your chosen tree sapling.

  7. Along with the Deed of Grant for Exclusive Right of Burial or Interment OR your Certificate of Reservation, you will receive:

    1. Legacy Woodland's T&C's - relating to the Deed of Grant.

    2. Legacy Woodlands Rules and Regulations - relating to the usage of our sites.

Please Note:

While our new woodland is designed to become a haven for wildlife and will be left to mature into natural woodland, this does not mean that the trees will just be planted and left to fend for themselves; Legacy Woodlands have a complete management plan in place. We ensure that your trees have a stake to helping them stand firm against the wind and a protective guard to protect them against becoming a tasty treat for a hare or passing deer. If your tree dies while becoming established, we will replace it with a sapling in the following planting season.

Unlike other cemeteries and crematoriums, once you are interred in your memorial plot, it remains yours in perpetuity. There will not be a time limit to your rights of 25 to 50 years; your ashes will not have to be removed, and there are no ongoing fees for the loved ones you leave behind. We have partnered with Plotbank, a registered charity, and together, our sites will become part of an established and protected nature reserve.

Our memorial woodlands are open 365 days a year during daylight hours. Still, we may occasionally have to close the woodlands to carry out essential work or in periods of server weather, so if you are planning to visit, please do call if you are travelling from a long distance.