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Memorial Tree Price

Here at Legacy Woodlands, we believe in upfront transparency over pricing with no hidden costs.


Unfortunately, traditionally the funeral industry has suffered from some service providers seeking to lump additional fees onto their clients at one of the most challenging times in their lives. That's why we guarantee that the price listed here is the full and final price that you will pay for your Memorial Tree Plot.

We analyse our industry to ensure that we are competitively priced. Due to the differences between various memorial sites, we have listed the items for which our competitors charge additional fees:​

  1. Memorial Tree

  2. Registration Fee

  3. Longer lease terms, 25-50 Years

  4. Interment Fee

  5. Weekend Service Fee

The average price of our competitor's plot (which we have made comparable to ours by including the items above) costs £2127.00!

Our Memorial Tree Plot: £1,750
Our price is all-inclusive and you will never be charged for hidden extras.