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Scattering Ashes - Information

Planning to Celebrate a loved one’s life and leaving a living legacy:

Nearly 80% of people choose to be cremated in the UK; approximately 78% of cremated remains are removed from the crematorium yearly. So you may be left wondering what to do with the cremated remains.

Here at Legacy Woodlands, we offer people wishing to have a private memorial away from traditional cemeteries and the communal crematorium remembrance gardens the chance to celebrate their loved one's life and leave a living legacy with a memorial tree in our tranquil, private memorial woodlands.

Unlike a burial, you don't need to rush into deciding what will be done with the cremated remains, and there are many options for you to consider. You could, for example, wait a special day of importance such as an anniversary or date and time that means that everyone can attend.

If you didn't know what to do with the ashes after the cremation, you might, like hundreds of others, have left the ashes in the care of the funeral directors. Now you could finally bring ashes home, take them down off the shelf and arrange a celebration of your loved one's life at Legacy Woodlands. 

You could also consider pre-planning and make things more comfortable for your bereaved when your time comes by making a 'farewell plan'. 'Farewell plans' can include planting a tree or a small grove of trees where you and your loved one's ashes can be scattered together, sharing in the living legacy of your trees. Pre-planning also affords you the chance to come together to the woodland and enjoy watching your Legacy trees grow and local wildlife flourish.

Legacy Woodlands Offers:

Scattering ashes

You can legally scatter cremated remains with the landowner's permission. Still, there are a few things to consider, such as if you scatter ashes at home, what would happen if you later sold the family home? Would you still be able to gain access? If you scatter ashes in a public place, will it always be open to the public? Legacy Woodlands will become a nature reserve, so you and future generations will be able to visit no matter where you end up living in the future.

You don't need to scatter all the ashes together in one place (dependent on not being bound by any religious belief). You could, for example, decide to scatter some ashes with a special dedication or memorial tree in our woodland where you and future generations will always be able to come back and visit. You could also take some of the ashes to have them made into a keepsake or share the remaining ashes amongst relatives. You can also scatter ashes in our wildflower meadow or maybe even set them to sail away in a Viking longboat on our ponds.

If you want to have your ashes scattered in a place where your family can also have their ashes scattered in the future, then our family memorial trees or family grove may be the right choice.

Green funerals 

Legacy Woodlands is an eco-friendly, secure private woodland that helps towards a carbon-neutral funeral by offsetting the carbon footprint of the cremation and funeral with the planting of native memorial trees.