To help to safeguard the woodlands and all the wildlife that make it their home, we have set out the following regulations. This ensures that the wood remains a naturally beautiful, calm, and tranquil place; enhancing the environment for the enjoyment of everyone. 

We can plant only trees, shrubs and flowers from our approved planting list on site.


We cannot guarantee that we will replace all trees in a ''force majeure'' event such as a specific tree disease or invasive pest species introduced to the UK. However, where possible, we will ensure that trees are replaced. All replacement trees will be saplings and of the same original species where possible. For more information, please get in touch with us.

Dogs are very welcome on site but MUST be kept on a lead and under control at all times. Birds are abundant, including ground-nesting birds and vulnerable wildlife on site. Dog faeces must be removed and deposited appropriately and responsibly by the dog owner.

Please adhere to the Countryside Code.

Some woodland areas are sensitive breeding sites and may be inaccessible at certain times of the year. Hence, we ask that you contact us to arrange your visit if you wish to walk off the designated footpath. Although this is a private woodland and a developing natural haven for wildlife, not all areas are open to the general public. Additionally, during maintenance times, to ensure public safety, we may restrict access temporarily.

Only approved memorials can be placed in the woodland, and we will remove unauthorised items, including flowers, plastic flowers, garden ornaments, fairy lights, solar lights etc., without notice.

Please do not place stones, gravel, soil, or any fencing around the trees as this may cause damage to maintenance equipment.

Please do not nail or attach anything to the trees.

Please do not climb the trees.

We will remove any items contravening the rules. We will not necessarily be able to contact the owner of the items removed, but where possible, the items removed will be kept at our office for what we consider a reasonable period to allow you to collect them.

Please take any litter home with you, this is an environmentally focused woodland, and any litter can prove detrimental to local flora and fauna.

No cremated human (or pet) remains shall be scattered or interred without Legacy Woodlands' permission.

We reserve the right to remove any dead, damaged or dangerous trees without prior contact with the tree's owner. Although it may not be exact, we will plant a replacement tree in the following planting season. We will endeavour to replace the removed tree with the same species in the exact location. However, this may not always be possible. Where the location differs, we will notify the owner of their new tree's location.

The woodland reserves the right to delay or re-schedule a tree planting or ceremony if any part of the woodland area becomes unstable or dangerous. This can be due to severe weather or other naturally occurring instances outside of our control.

Trees naturally grow at different rates, and some will grow more vigorously than others, with a small percentage of trees failing to flourish. In such circumstances, we would discuss the best way forward with you; whether to leave the tree in question in place (provided that it is not sickly or diseased) or remove the tree and replant in the following season.

In addition, no person shall:

  • Wilfully create any disturbance in the woodland. 

  • Commit any nuisance in the woodland 

  • Wilfully interfere with any ceremony taking place. 

  • Wilfully interfere with any tree, plant, wildlife flora and fauna or any other memorial, 

  • Play any game or sport in the woodland, or 

  • Enter or remain in the woodland at any hour when it is closed to the public unless it is authorised by the woodland owners or legacy woodland trust.

A responsible adult should accompany children under the age of 16 years.

The woodlands rules and regulations will continue to be reviewed at our annual general meeting. In addition, we will communicate them to all owners with a registered email address with us in the event of any changes that may affect their tree/s.